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 Byte 1 walk behind floor scrubber in use

Byte 1 At A Glance:

Cleaning Width:


Solution Tank:

30 litres

Cleaning Head:

Single Disc


Mains or battery


byte1  in use thumbnail
byte1  in use thumbnail
byte1  in use thumbnail
byte1  in use thumbnail

Detailed Specification:

Byte 1

Byte 1 Video

Byte 1 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Byte is a highly manoeuvrable, super-compact walk-behind floor scrubber that fits through spaces just 46cm wide. This makes it ideal for cleaning tight spaces, such as narrow doorways and small buildings.

  • Read More About The Byte 1 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber:

    Scrubs The Floor

    As the floor scrubber moves, a single brush head scrubs the floor with detergent solution from the 30-litre solution tank.

    Clean and Dry

    A V-shaped squeegee, at the back of the floor scrubber, collects the dirty water, in its 30-litre recovery tank, leaving the floor spotlessly clean and dry.

    Battery or Mains

    Byte floor scrubber is available either battery or mains powered. Both versions feature a water consumption reduction system, which means it cleans further and longer.

    Adjustable Controls

    Operators can adjust the handlebar to suit their height. Other controls are user-friendly and ergonomically placed.

    Reliable and Simple to Maintain

    Byte is reliable and simple to maintain. It comes with a twelve-month guarantee. Byte is a powerful floor scrubber, popular with companies that want high-performance cleaning from a compact machine.

 Byte 1 walk behind floor scrubber in use
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