Mulching Mowers – Too Good To Be True?

Mulching mower at workKeeping grass areas trim and ordered produces grass cuttings, a simple inescapable fact. For years most of us have collected grass cuttings and disposed of them in green bins or compost heaps.

A typical half acre lawn will produce more than 4 tons of grass clippings in a single season. A traditional mower will either collect these clippings, or discharge them as it mows, to be collected or left lying depending on the property owner’s preference. Either way the clippings become a by-product of mowing, to be disposed of.

The relatively recent introduction of mulching mowers is starting to change that. So what is a mulching mower and what are its benefits?

What is a Mulching Mower?

Mechanically a mulching mower is very similar to any equivalent cut and collect mower, except for its deck design and cutting blades. The decks have no discharge ports and the cutting blades are aerodynamic, producing a powerful downdraft as they cut.

Mowing With a Mulching Mower

Mowing with a mulch mower is different because its multi-cutting deck retains clippings within the deck area to be cut and re-cut into very small particles. These are simultaneously blown down into the turf, out of sight; where they will in-time decompose. The result is a lawn that looks great with no clippings to collect and get rid of.

Eco-Friendly Too

Disposing of clippings in this eco-friendly way, returns valuable nutrients to the soil reducing the need for chemical fertilisers. Our half acre lawn for example, will benefit from the 100 pounds of nitrogen and other valuable trace elements contained in its 4 tons of clippings. These would otherwise have been disposed of but are now provided free as you mow, producing a healthy, attractive lawn.

Time Savings Come Standard

As if this is not enough mulch mowing is quicker too!  Mowing time is significantly reduced compared with cut and collect systems as you don’t stop work to dispose of grass clippings. Trips to the compost heap or green bin become a thing of the past, as do piles of rotting grass.

Leaders in the Mulching Mower Market

Euromec are main dealers for Stiga, leaders in the mulching mower market.  The Stiga Park range features mulching technology and it is a best seller. An out-front mower, the Park has its’ cutting deck at the front, four wheel drive and articulated steering. Having a comfortable driving position and simple and clear controls make it easy and safe to use. With a range of engines and cutting decks up to 125cm wide getting the right model for your lawn is simple.

Stiga Park Mulching Mower

Being a mulching mower the Park has no collection system and its deck is sealed. The machine’s cutting height is adjustable, with an electric option, so you can get the finish you want. Lifting the cutter deck, and again there is a powered option for this feature, makes moving the machine around easy and protects the deck from damage.

Performance of the Park is its trump card. Spending its entire time cutting it can cover large areas quickly and efficiently, and leaves the grass looking neat and trim. No grass clippings to collect or trips to dispose of them mean when you finish cutting the job is done and you move on.

Future of Grass Cuttings Questionable

In summary mulching mowers give us significant benefits; no clippings to dispose of, faster and more efficient mowing and free fertiliser. Their cost is similar to the equivalent cut and collect mower and they cost no more to run. Our customers with Stiga mulching mowers are delighted with their performance and confirm these benefits. It seems the future is mulching and grass cuttings could become a thing of the past.

Euromec Picks-up Nilfisk Outdoor Business

Effective 1st January 2019 Nilfisk will no longer produce, sell or service its “Outdoor” machines. In the UK Euromec will take over, and will offer the “Park Ranger” and “City Ranger” products alongside its existing Powerflex line. In addition Euromec will support users of the Nilfisk products with service, and spares.

Peter Crewe, Euromec Managing Director: “We have experience with these products having produced, sold and serviced them for over fifteen years.  We introduced articulated, multi-purpose maintenance machines to the UK market, so Park Ranger and City Ranger owners can be confident that their investment is safe: Their machines will be serviced and supported and the handover will be seamless.”

Extra staff have been taken on in sales, engineering and service by the Market Harborough based company to support this expansion. From 1st January 2019 sales of machines and spares start, service handover will be completed early February.

Peter elaborates further: “Euromec is taking over warranty support for all machines sold by Nilfisk before the end of last year. We are contacting users now. We have an existing stock of spares parts plus service schedules and trained personnel because we sell similar machines. If any user has any concern just contact us.”

Adding these machines means Euromec now have 3 different models in their Powerflex range.  All 3 are multi-purpose, having a large selection of sweeping, winter maintenance and grass cutting attachments. Based around rugged 4-wheel-drive, articulated chassis, they offer different levels of performance to suit the application and a price range to suit every budget.

Field Service Engineer Vacancy

Due to business growth, we have a vacancy for a Field Service Engineer, capable of servicing and repairing machinery at customer sites.

The role is customer facing, so applicants must be presentable, have good communication skills and be prepared to use their own initiative.

The position suits someone from our industry or from a forklift truck/plant machinery background. You will have diesel and petrol engine experience with hydraulic and DC electrical diagnostic skills. Experience with battery electric vehicles and/or groundcare equipment are an advantage.

Full, clean driving licence required. The package comprises of a competitive salary, plenty of overtime, company van, 20 days holiday plus bank holidays, Monday to Friday only. You will travel throughout the UK with occasional overnight stays.

Apply in writing including a CV to Derek Peat, Service Manager

How Does A Scrubber Dryer Work?

The picture on the left shows a typical ride-on scrubber dryer. Nothing particularly special about it except maybe its size which is substantial, but we will come back to that.

Why a Floor Scrubber?

As the most popular type of cleaning machine the scrubber dryer is also the most effective. By combining mechanical cleaning with a cleaning fluid a scrubber dryer will produce floors that are spotlessly clean. The machine’s water collection system also makes sure they are dry almost instantly and therefore safe. The additional benefit of this is that waste water and its pollutants are collected and disposed of properly.

How Does A Scrubber Dryer Work?

floor scrubber-schematic
If you need a scrubber dryer understanding the principles of how they work will help you get the right machine and get the most from it. The schematic shows how the major components are arranged in our sample machine, click to enlarge. Brushes at the front, water collection system, affectionately known as a squeegee, at the back with the operator sitting at the front for ease of use. Under the body work we have two large tanks, the batteries and some motors. One of the motors provides traction the other vacuum for the water collection system. One tank is for clean water the other for waste water.

In Operation

As the scrubber dryer moves forward the cleaning solution is dispensed into the brushes and onto the floor. The brushes rotate and scrub the floor loosening and lifting the dirt. The water and the dirt are sucked up by the squeegee and pumped into the waste water tank. There are however a number of important variables in this process, namely the speed of the vehicle, the speed and pressure of the scrubbing process, the amount and make-up of the cleaning solution and the number of passes you make over the floor. Also the number and style of scrubbing brush can be specified. Each one of these is very important and we will be examining each in later posts.

More information

If you want to know more now then visit our website where some of these issues are outlined.


Chewing Gum – Pavement Cleaning’s Sticky Problem

before and after chewing gum removalThe chewing gum market has been steadily increasing in recent years. Many consumers dispose of their gum responsibly; however it is still being dropped onto pavements by many. It is the second most common litter after cigarette butts. Defra reports that gum contributes to pavement staining more than any other litter. Unfortunately this mainly occurs around schools, cinemas and fast food outlets frequented by the young.

Isn’t There a Better Way?

Cleaning chewing gum residue from pavements is time consuming and uses a combination of aggressive techniques. These require areas to be cordoned off, large quantities of water and sometimes additional chemicals. Add to this inconvenience, disruption and wear to the pavement fabric and you will understand why we often get asked: “Isn’t there a better way?”

Now There Is

Well now there is. After many months of co-operation and development with specialist gum removal company CGRS, trials of a new technique using one of our pavement cleaning machines have proven spectacularly successful.

99% of Chewing Gum Residue Removed In One Pass

As the accompanying pictures show the result is remarkable, 99% of gum residue is removed in one pass with the pavement being deep cleaned at the same time. This is achieved without using any chemicals and the waste water and gum residue is collected by the machine. Result: Clean, bacteria free pavements which are immediately usable by the public.

 Significant Breakthrough

For local and city councils this represents a significant breakthrough. Our machine removes gum four to six times quicker than a man with a high pressure lance, and it also deep cleans the pavement in that time. One pass over a width of 1.2metres at a speed of 1mph removes 99% of gum residue and leaves the pavement clean and dry. No high pressure jetting means pavement damage from dislodged sand and grout is non-existent. And all this is done unbeknown to pedestrians who just carry on life as normal.

So, after many years of trying we can now say: “Yes there is a better way; we have a solution to the sticky problem of the chewing gum blight on our pavements.”

Burghley Horse Trials 2017

AT4-FAB-in-use-221-copyThe Burghley International Horse Trials at Burghley House in Stamford opens on the 31st of August and runs through until Sunday the 3rd of September and is one of the largest equine sporting events in Europe: We are there once again, find us on Avenue B stand B58 and stop by to say hello.

Kubota, Stiga and Mountfield Lawnmowers

Our stand will feature the latest products from Kubota, Mountfield and Stiga. Lawnmowers, lawn tractors and utility vehicles will all be there so you can compare technologies, performance and equipment levels to get just the right machine.

Grass Trimmers and Brush Cutters

Our new brush cutters and grass trimmers will be on our stand so stop by and check them out. Very powerful and real tough toys!


Coffee, tea and wine will be served throughout the event, although the wine may not last the distance! So, put stand B58 on Avenue B on your must visit list, see you there. Follow us on twitter @euromec to keep up to-date with our promotions, you won’t regret it.

LPG Power for Kubota RTV500

At a time when diesel powered vehicles are becoming less acceptable Euromec launches an LPG fuel option for the Kubota RTV500 utility vehicle. For vehicles used in schools, factories and universities, LPG offers clean power without the downtime and cost associated with electric power and batteries.

Customer Driven DevelopmentKubota RTV500 with LPG power

The Euromec LPG powered RTV is the result of development driven by customer demand. Under the front bonnet is a refillable LPG tank, plumbed and wired into the vehicle’s main systems. On the dashboard, controls tell the operator how much fuel is available; the RTV can be switched to petrol if LPG is not available. Refilling the LPG tank is easy using the nozzle mounted just under the front bumper.

Gas Bottle Option

Apart from using the refillable LPG tank the RTV can also use LPG from a bottle. In the front right-hand corner of the load area a simple bottle mount and fuel line make fitting and changing a gas bottle simple.

Better Running Costs, Whole Life Costs and Cold Weather Performance

When considering a clean fuel utility vehicle, battery power is often the only choice. However, this LPG option offers better running costs, whole life costs and cold weather performance. It has the added benefit of 100% availability as it does not need recharging.

Operators also benefit from the LPG choice; cab heaters are available and much more effective, more power means gritters, pressure washers and attachments work harder for longer.

Kubota RTV500 Warranty

This carefully engineered LPG fuel option for the Kubota RTV500 is unique and only available from Euromec. It does not infringe the Kubota product warranty.

Kubota RTV500 with LPG power - shot of motor

Burghley Horse Trials Round-up

After a seriously busy 2016 Burghley Horse trials we thought we would round-up what happened during our time there.

We had our regular spot and early Thursday morning bang – off we went. Great weather brought out the crowds and everyone was in a festive spirit eagerly awaiting the start of the main event. Numerous contacts made on our stand with machines being sold from the off.

Sold this smart Kubota RTV400 on Saturday

Friday was fine and hot. Many of our loyal customers chose to visit and place orders, great news and thank you. Saturday much the same but rain!  “Our man” Andrew Hoy went into the lead of the event after his cross country round, sadly didn’t last but well done Andrew. Equestrian people are not put off by a little rain and things were still real busy.

Sunday, the last day, was very busy. Great crowd saw a pulsating show jumping competition and we were rushed off our feet. Andrew finished 20th making three Aussies in the top 20! After four days we packed-up and went home tired but very content. A great event, lots of new friends and not so many machines to bring back! Perfect.



British Manufacturing Success Story

We designed, developed and now manufacture a unique washing and scrubbing head for use on compact road and pavement sweepers.

The head was originally conceived around ten years ago. Around this time Councils and cleaning contractors became increasingly concerned about the heavily contaminated water produced during street cleaning going straight into the drains. We knew from our experience providing industrial scrubber driers that using similar technology for street and pavement cleaning would solve this problem.

Our scrubber head is the result and now sells all over the world. Not only do we sell it fitted to our compact road scrubber drier, but it is also sold to other companies selling similar machines. As you can see in the video below it does a great job that no other machine can match.

The story here is simple. At the 2016 Canadian GP meeting a competing car had its gearbox break and deposit all its oil in the pit lane. This was obviously unacceptable so a local cleaning contractor used a machine fitted with one of our head and squeegee kits, built in Market Harborough, to wash the pit lane and collect the waste water and oil. Note the clean line across the white road sector, it’s even cleaner than the surrounding pavement.

British ingenuity and engineering skill at work, brilliant.