Daily Archives: January 21, 2013

Snow Clearance made easy

snow clearance

Freezing conditions throughout the UK have highlighted how badly prepared we are for snow and ice. Whole communities brought slithering to a halt by the cold weather. Everyone is asking “Where are our snow ploughs?”

This paragraph was written in January 2010. Sitting here with 6″ of snow outside and many schools closed and what seems like most people sitting at home watching Jeremy Kyle I am forced to think that not much has changed.

Once the snow is on the ground it’s tough if you haven’t made plans for such an eventuality. As a provider of machines that clear snow quickly and efficiently we have a vested interest. However the modern snow clearance machine doesn’t have to sit there for the other 50 weeks of the year gathering dust. Our Powerflex machines are multi-purpose, so if you buy a road sweeper you can also buy a snow plough attachment and voila, sweeper becomes snowplough in about 5 minutes. Now your sweeper, which you can’t use in the snow, becomes a snow plough which is just what you want.

This philosophy runs through the whole range of machines. Snowploughs, brushes and blowers are available – find the range here.