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Mulching Mowers – Too Good To Be True?

Mulching mower at workKeeping grass areas trim and ordered produces grass cuttings, a simple inescapable fact. For years most of us have collected grass cuttings and disposed of them in green bins or compost heaps.

A typical half acre lawn will produce more than 4 tons of grass clippings in a single season. A traditional mower will either collect these clippings, or discharge them as it mows, to be collected or left lying depending on the property owner’s preference. Either way the clippings become a by-product of mowing, to be disposed of.

The relatively recent introduction of mulching mowers is starting to change that. So what is a mulching mower and what are its benefits?

What is a Mulching Mower?

Mechanically a mulching mower is very similar to any equivalent cut and collect mower, except for its deck design and cutting blades. The decks have no discharge ports and the cutting blades are aerodynamic, producing a powerful downdraft as they cut.

Mowing With a Mulching Mower

Mowing with a mulch mower is different because its multi-cutting deck retains clippings within the deck area to be cut and re-cut into very small particles. These are simultaneously blown down into the turf, out of sight; where they will in-time decompose. The result is a lawn that looks great with no clippings to collect and get rid of.

Eco-Friendly Too

Disposing of clippings in this eco-friendly way, returns valuable nutrients to the soil reducing the need for chemical fertilisers. Our half acre lawn for example, will benefit from the 100 pounds of nitrogen and other valuable trace elements contained in its 4 tons of clippings. These would otherwise have been disposed of but are now provided free as you mow, producing a healthy, attractive lawn.

Time Savings Come Standard

As if this is not enough mulch mowing is quicker too!  Mowing time is significantly reduced compared with cut and collect systems as you don’t stop work to dispose of grass clippings. Trips to the compost heap or green bin become a thing of the past, as do piles of rotting grass.

Leaders in the Mulching Mower Market

Euromec are main dealers for Stiga, leaders in the mulching mower market.  The Stiga Park range features mulching technology and it is a best seller. An out-front mower, the Park has its’ cutting deck at the front, four wheel drive and articulated steering. Having a comfortable driving position and simple and clear controls make it easy and safe to use. With a range of engines and cutting decks up to 125cm wide getting the right model for your lawn is simple.

Stiga Park Mulching Mower

Being a mulching mower the Park has no collection system and its deck is sealed. The machine’s cutting height is adjustable, with an electric option, so you can get the finish you want. Lifting the cutter deck, and again there is a powered option for this feature, makes moving the machine around easy and protects the deck from damage.

Performance of the Park is its trump card. Spending its entire time cutting it can cover large areas quickly and efficiently, and leaves the grass looking neat and trim. No grass clippings to collect or trips to dispose of them mean when you finish cutting the job is done and you move on.

Future of Grass Cuttings Questionable

In summary mulching mowers give us significant benefits; no clippings to dispose of, faster and more efficient mowing and free fertiliser. Their cost is similar to the equivalent cut and collect mower and they cost no more to run. Our customers with Stiga mulching mowers are delighted with their performance and confirm these benefits. It seems the future is mulching and grass cuttings could become a thing of the past.

Burghley Horse Trials – Avenue B Stand B58

RIHS-may-2015-135That wonderful time is fast approaching – the Burghley International Horse Trials at Burghley House in Stamford. Opening on the 3rd of September and running through until Sunday the 6th this is one of the largest equine sporting events in Europe: And we are there again! Find us on Avenue B stand B58, stop by to say hello.

Kubota, Stiga and Mountfield Lawnmowers

Our stand will feature the latest products from Kubota, Mountfield and Stiga. Lawnmowers, lawn tractors and utility vehicles will all be there so you can compare technologies, performance and equipment levels to get just the right machine.

Free Brush Cutters and Leaf Blowers

To celebrate our attendance this year we will be giving away free Mountfield petrol powered brush cutters and leaf blowers to anyone who buys a machine from our stand throughout the four days of the event.


Coffee, tea and wine will be served throughout the event, although the wine may not last the distance! So, put stand B58 on Avenue B on your must visit list, see you there. Follow us on twitter @euromec to keep up to-date with our promotions, you won’t regret it.



Rockingham International Horse Trials

Our stand at the Rockingham Horse TrialsThe first Rockingham International Horse Trials is being held on Rockingham’s Great Park. Starting Friday 22nd May and running through until Sunday it will be a great occasion.

We are there with a trade stand and sponsoring a jump. We are also providing five RTVs for the organisers to use as course vehicles. Come see us and enjoy the wonderful English countryside that Rockingham Castle sits in, Great day out for the family.

Can’t make it? Follow us on twitter and we will try and keep you up to date.  Find us at @euromec or use the hash tag #RIHT.

Lawnmowers and more lawnmowers!

GGP-conference-020On Tuesday 9th September we spent a very pleasant and productive day at the Heritage Motor Centre in Warwickshire courtesy of Global Garden Products, our partner that supplies Mountfield and Stiga lawnmowers and lawn tractors.

They presented to us revisions to their range, new products and some great new opportunities. So a big thank you to Ron Miller and his team and watch our website for the new products.

Burghley Horse Trials 5th to 8th September

RTV-Rockingham-032As this is being written there are only 19 days until Burghley. Wow its come around quickly; is summer really over? As before we are going to be there with a wide range of relevant vehicles. Centre stage will be our range of Kubota RTVs. Recently expanded there are now four models to choose from with a variety of engine sizes, people carrying and load carrying capabilities. See us on stand B58 for more information and to kick their tyres so to speak.

Other machines on our lot will be a wide range of high quality ride-on mowers from Kubota, Stiga and Mountfield along with some Mountfield walk behinds. Also in attendance will be a few Kubota compact tractors and our RCM hard surface sweepersburghley-logo

So treat yourself to a great day out – or even make a weekend of it and come visit us on stand B58, yes that’s stand B58. We will have refreshments and some very comfortable chairs for you to take a welcome break. See you there.

Lawn Mowers

parkpro254wd_EGH3913blue--12Whether it’s demanding daily professional use, or for your garden at home, ride-on mowers deliver unmatched performance, efficiency and finish whatever the size of the task. We handle a very wide range of products from three of the top manufacturers; Kubota, Stiga and Mountfield.

Reliable Ride-on Mowers

Why those manufacturers? Well we don’t only supply the products, we also support them and we know that these manufacturers produce the most reliable machines and that therefore they are the most cost effective.

Cut and Collect Mowers

The technology varies, we handle traditional cut-and-collect tractors, mulch mowers and zero turn mowers. Dependent upon your application and in some cases personal preference you will opt for the machine that you think is best for you.

Mulch or Collect?

One choice you will be confronted with is mulch versus bag. Do you want to collect and then dispose of your grass cuttings or do you invest in a mulch mower that has additional blades which produce very small cuttings that are not collected? The environmental lobby will always favour the mulch solution arguing that you are returning the nutrients and moisture in the clippings to the soil which is good for the grass. Keen gardeners worry about the possible build up of “thatch” due to the clippings being left on the lawn. This is not really a factor as grass leaves are around 90% water so they breakdown quickly. Whatever your preference you can see both types of machine in our showroom and try them out to satisfy yourself.


Award for Excellence

gh-with-awardAfter only 1 year as a new supplier of Mountfield and Stiga mowers, the task of learning the trade inside out and excellent customer service have paid dividends in helping Euromec Contracts Ltd to build a strong and loyal customer base.

In any specialist industry, manufacturers and retailers must work closely together to ensure the customer receives the service they deserve throughout the life of the product they have purchased. It is with this in mind that Euromec Contracts Ltd has been recognised by Mountfield and Stiga for the excellence of the sales and service back up they provide for the owners of Mountfield and Stiga garden machinery.

Graham Hill, pictured with the special commemorative plaque commented:,

“We have been supplying and servicing Mountfield and Stiga lawn and garden machinery for only 1 year but our relationship with this manufacturer is a solid today as the day we took on the dealership, as a consequence we are extremely proud to have received this recognition from a supplier who really cares about the customer and shares our belief in providing good old fashioned customer service.”