• Mountfield 1740H Tractor

This premium-quality lawn tractor from Mountfield offers high-spec features throughout and will come into its own on lawns and informal grassed areas of up to 8000m2. It has a twin-cylinder Mountfield ST550-Series engine; an overhead-valve power-unit which you’ll find smooth-running, exceptionally reliable and extremely powerful.An electric key start starting ensures getting the engine going is a fast, headache-free operation.

Instead of a clunky manual gearbox, the Mountfield 1740H is equipped with a hydrostatic drive. Similar to a an automatic transmission on a car, this high-end feature enables you to control the mower’s speed (both forward and reverse) using a foot pedal, maximising manoeuvrability when mowing around and between obstacles, and making it easy to select the most effective pace for the grass conditions. A very tight turning circle (160cm) further improves manoeuvrability. Thanks to its bagging, mulching and rear-discharge capabilities, the Mountfield 1740H Lawn Tractor offers the versatility needed to tackle a range of different grass types.

In collection-mode, grass clippings are blown from the 102cm twin-blade cutter-deck into a large 260-litre hopper that makes it possible to get the job done with minimal stops. You can empty the hopper without leaving the driver’s seat. The 1740H is fitted with a hopper full buzzer to let you know when it’s full, this helps to stop the discharge-chute becoming blocked due to over-filling.

Clumped grass-clippings around the blades and underside of the deck can seriously inhibit performance, so 1740H is equipped with a handy deck-wash facility. Simply attach a hose, turn on the water and then spin the blades - the dead grass will then be washed away.

This cutter deck on this model is slightly wider than the wheels, so there’ll be less post-mowing trimming work to do. The Mountfield 1740H features a seven-stage height-of-cut, adjustable between 25 and 80mm to suit both your preferred finish and the length of the grass you’re working on. Like the grass-box-emptying mechanism, the cutting-height can be controlled from the driver’s seat, so even less need to stop mowing. Other notable features include electromagnetic blade-engagement, which reduces wear and extends the life of key parts, and twin-headlights that will allow you to finish the job if you started a bit too late in the afternoon.

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Mountfield 1740H Tractor

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