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Road Sweeper in use
Powerflex Road Sweeper At A Glance:

Sweeping Width:



Kubota 3 cyl Turbo Diesel


770 litres with hydraulic emptying


Hydrostatic to all four wheels



Detailed Specification:

Road Sweeper

Road Sweeper

The Powerflex road sweeper is clean, efficient and environmentally friendly. It collects litter, dirt, rubbish and autumn leaves quickly and effectively. Roadways, pavements and urban areas are left clean and tidy. Even difficult to pick-up fast food containers and drink cans are collected.

Vacuum Sweeper

The Powerflex road sweeper is a vacuum sweeper. It has front brushes that rotate and push rubbish into the path of a wide vacuum hose, positioned under the cab of the vehicle. As the sweeper moves forward the vacuum system sucks-up the rubbish and shoots it into the rear mounted hopper. Air is exhausted from the hopper via large filters that contain any dust within the machine and silence the whole system. This means that this road sweeper can work in pedestrian and urban areas without inconveniencing people enjoying the space.

Purpose Built

The Powerflex 3400 road sweeper is a purpose-built road and urban area sweeper. Built on a tough, articulated chassis it is nimble and light. A powerful Kubota turbodiesel motor provides power to all four wheels and the vacuum system. Wide wheels and tyres mean that it does not crack or damage paving. The hopper and water tanks are behind the cab so the operator has a clear unobstructed view of the surroundings. The roomy cab has a fully adjustable seat, air conditioning and easy to use controls.

Sweeping Performance

The amount of space a road sweeper can keep clean in part depends on its sweeping width. The front brushes dictate this. The Powerflex road sweeper has options here: As standard it comes with two front brushes and a 1300mm sweeping width. Add one brush and the sweeping width becomes 1800mm, two extra brushes make it 2300mm. As well as increasing sweeping width the brushes are also independently height adjustable, so sweeping kerbs at the same time as the road surface is possible.

Cleaning Efficiency

The more time spent sweeping and the less time spent travelling to empty hoppers, refill tanks or take a break affects cleaning efficiency. This machine has a 400 litre main hopper, a 100 litre water tank and a 30 litre diesel tank, all sized to lessen, or cut out, downtime during a shift. Add the roomy, airy cab with comfortable, fully adjustable seat and air conditioning and you have a man and machine combination that is highly efficient.

Dust Control

Sweeping raises dust. A mechanical sweeper will raise dust unless it is well controlled. Our machines have very effective dust control. Water sprays on each brush head to damp down dust at source.

Extendable Cleaning

A five metre external vacuum hose enables the operator to clean inaccessible areas such as steps. It will also suck-up fast food containers, drink cans and other bulky rubbish. When not in use, it fits discreetly to the top of the machine.

Easy to Use

The Powerflex road sweeper is easy to use, clean and maintain. Incredibly versatile, it is the ideal road sweeping solution that is equally at home urban and pavement cleaning.

What next?

Contact us using the links on the right of the screen and we will arrange to get you more information and for you to see a machine in action. Remember this is not only a road sweeper, a quick-change of attachment and it can also become a powerful snowplough or flail mower. Please contact us.

Road sweeper with 4 brushes sweeping driveway
The Powerflex road sweeper can have up to four brushes to increase its sweeping width and sweeping heights.
Road sweepers brushes cleaning steps
Utilising the road sweeper's variable brush height feature makes cleaning steps and kerbs straightforward and fast.
Road sweeper cab showing operator controls
Airy and light cab is a good place to be, with a comforable seat and fantastic visability of the work area.
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