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walk behind and ride on industrial floor scrubber driers in use

Industrial Floor Scrubbers

Industrial floor scrubbers are specialist machines used to clean large floors. They are ideal for deep-cleaning, preserving or polishing floors and come in two categories; walk-behind and ride-on. As is obvious the size of the area you need to clean dictates which you use. We have a large range of machines, one of which will take the hassle out of keeping your floor clean.

Walk-behind Floor Scrubbers

With five different walk-behind machines to choose from we have one that's just right for your application. Small pedestrian scrubber driers are ideal for cleaning industrial floors, shop floors and pedestrian walkways. They leave the floor dry and clean. Whichever model you choose you will get a powerful, well made machine that will give you years of reliable use.

Ride-On Floor Scrubbers

Ride-on floor scrubbers are better for cleaning large floors. Choose from our wide range depending on the size of the area you have to clean and how quickly you want to clean it. Our Elan ride-on scrubber drier is small and easy to manoeuvre; the high performance Jumbo makes short work of cleaning any large shopping centre or warehouse floor.

How An Industrial Floor Scrubber Works?

Industrial floor scrubbers work by applying a water and detergent mix to the floor. Powerful brushes scrub the floor as the machine moves. The operator varies the brush pressure according to the dirt and staining, and the type of floor surface. A rear mounted squeegee dries the floor, powerful vacuum motors suck-up the water as the machine works. Soft rubber edges to the squeegee ensure that all the water is collected. As industrial floor surfaces vary in finish and hardness, adjusting the brush pressure to get the right cleaning result without damaging the floor surface is made possible by the machine's brush pressure adjustment.

Cleaning Solution and Waste Water

Two tanks, one for the clean water and detergent and one for the waste water keep the dirty water and clean solution separate. The cut-away drawing on the right shows how a ride-on scrubber drier's major parts are arranged and how it applies and collects the cleaning solution. The same principles apply to a walk behind scrubber drier.

Which Machine to Buy?

Because of what they do industrial scrubber driers must be tough and resistant to corrosion, so ensure you get one that is built to clean industrial floors and work in harsh enviroments. When choosing look for generous tank capacities and at the same time make sure the tanks are easy to fill and empty. Variable brush pressure is desirable to prolong brush life and protect vulnerable floor surfaces so this is essential in most cases.

Drying Performance

The squeegee’s vacuum is crucial to floor drying so look at the protection for the vacuum motor. You want the motor to be protected from blockages, flooding and electrical faults. Alongside these construction issues you also want to ensure the machine you are considering is easy to use. Also make sure it will clean the floor area you have in mind in the time you expect.

Other Considerations

Machines bought to clean a specific area, might be useful in other parts of your building. Make sure the model you choose goes through doorways and down corridors so it can move around. They need to recharge their batteries, so give thought to where, and the implications: Ideally the area will be well ventilated and the machine won't be an obstacle while recharging. Filling and emptying the machine means disposing of dirty water and access to clean water, where will this be most convenient? Extra long hoses are available to make it easier.

Running Costs

Running costs should also feature in your buying criteria: Like most manufacturers we offer support packages that include consumables. You are not tied to us however, and you can buy detergents and new scrubbing brushes from specialist manufacturers if you feel so inclined.

Wide Choice of Models

From large ride-on floor scrubbers, cleaning up to 6000 square metres an hour, to low cost pedestrian floor scrubbers, we have a great range and the choice is yours. Contact us now on 01858 434011 or via our quick enquiry form, top right of this page.

industrial ride-on scrubber drier industrial ride-on scrubber drier

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