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 ST kubota compact tractor in use

ST At A Glance:


34 to 40 hp


Hydrostatic 4 wheel drive

Wheels and Tyres:

Farm or turf options

ROPS or Cab:

ROPS and cab options


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ST Kubota Compact Tractor

The lightweight and compact ST series tractors are amazingly quick and impressively powerful, delivering outstanding efficiency with minimal surface impact. From mowing to implement or front loader work these tractors make light of any task thanks to high torque, low noise Kubota diesel engines and independent mid and rear PTOs.

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    Lightweight and Easy to Operate Tractors

    Easy to operate and exceptionally reliable, the compact and lightweight STW series tractors provide amazingly quick and powerful performance for a wide range of jobs, from mowing, to front-loader work. A new spacious factory-installed cabin offers a new level of comfort-the best in its class-as well as unparalleled visibility on all sides. So step into a Kubota STW Series diesel tractor today. They're all new and ready to go to work.

    Fast and Efficient

    The already popular and lightweight design translates into a faster, more effective and less damaging tractor on any terrain. Manoeuvrability has also been improved making your work easier and more efficient.

    Kubota Diesel Motors

    Renowned for their exceptional performance and reliability, Kubota's diesel engines offer high and stable output over a wide rpm range, to handle every heavy-duty task with power to spare. They also feature a large torque rise, which you will appreciate during low-speed operations. You will also notice the low levels of noise and vibration, which helps minimise operator fatigue even after a full day at work.

    Operator Comfort

    The STW Series is available with a quiet and comfortable cab that significantly increases operator comfort. The cab features a 4-pillar design, with a large and curved windscreen that provides an unobstructed view to the front and significantly enhances the spaciousness of the interior. Glass at the sides and rear also enhance overall visibility.

    Tight Turning Without Damaging the Lawn

    The Kubota exclusive Bi-Speed turning, standard on STW series makes turns quicker, Smoother and tighter. This also minimises potential damage to the ground surface.

 ST kubota compact tractor in use
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