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 RTV400 kubota utility vehicle in use

RTV400 At A Glance:


16hp fuel injected petrol engine


inertial clutch (CVT Plus) 2/4WD

Maximum Speed:


Load Capacity:

200kg with manual lift


Detailed Specification:


Kubota RTV400 Utility Vehicle

The Kubota RTV400 is a petrol powered utility vehicle. It features a 404cc air-cooled single cylinder engine with electronic fuel injection and puts out 16 HP at 4800 rpm. Its front suspension is independent, with semi-independent rear suspension, a two-speed gearbox, selectable 2wd or 4wd and a differential lock.

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    Unique Transmission

    A unique feature of the RTV400 is its constantly variable transmission (CVT). Transmissions of this type feature a variable belt and a centrifugal clutch. With most CVTs when an operator lets off the accelerator and the transmission is running faster than the engine, the belt "flops." On the Kubota RTV400's transmission the belt stays taught all the time which results in a longer lasting belt and also adds dynamic breaking - it gives the operator better control in most situations.

    Great Adaptability and Convenience

    The RTV400 features great cargo carrying capacity, adaptability and operator convenience. Because the chassis of the RTV400 is the same as the RTV500 all the options are interchangeable.

    High Specification Kubota RTV400

    This new RTV400 serves a similar market as the RTV500 and applications include carrying cargo around the farm, transporting people and equipment around an estate or visiting the barn to do chores. These machines represent a great opportunity to get a high specification Kubota RTV at a budget price without sacrificing on quality or reliability.

 RTV400 kubota utility vehicle in use
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